About Me

Hello, my name is Ray Felipe. I’m a graduate school engineering student at the University of California, Riverside specializing in Systems Engineering and Data Science. I’m a technologist with years of experience in application development, technical architecture, and software engineering. I want to dedicate the remaining years of my life in machine learning – my final act as a technologist.

On this website I plan to document my journey in the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. Something that can take a lifetime to learn, which I’m hoping to learn in a few years. Here, I plan to document my learnings, the knowledge, insights, and intuitions I’ll discover along the way. The shortcuts I took to shorten the learning process, the hacks, the pitfalls, the misconceptions in its understanding, the insights, and most importantly its philosophical aspects. Artificial intelligence, after all, is derived (or at least it should) from natural intelligence – the brain.

Thank you.